Doggie crochet pattern

Today I'd like to share with you 
crochet pattern of this cute doggie. 
It's based on pattern by Liza70
with few modifications. 

Hope it will bring you lots of fun.

Please let me know if there are some misteakes
and it would be pleasure 
to see pictures of you finished work.


ch - chain
x - single crochet
sl st - slip stitch 
V - increase (2x in one stitch)
A - decrease (stitch 2x together)
() - repeat
(22) - number of stitches in the round 


work in rounds using stitch marker 

1. chain 6, in the second chain from the hook V, 
3x and 4x in the first chain. 
Turn and on the other side of the chain: 
3x, V in the last chain (14)
2. 2V, 3x, 4V, 3x, 2V (22)
3. (10x, V) twice (24)
4. 24x 
5. (11x,V) twice (26)
6. 26x 
7.(12x,V) twice (28)
8. 28x
9. (13x,V) twice (30)
10. 30x
11. (14x,V) twice (32)
12. 32x
13. (15x,V) twice (34)
14. 34x
15. (16x,V) twice (36)
16. 36x
17. (17x,V) twice (38)
18. 38x
19. (18x,V) twice (40)
20-22. 40x (3 rounds) 
23. (18x, A) twice (38)
    24. (17x, A) twice (36)    
25. (16x, A) twice (34)
26. (15x, A) twice (32)
27. legs starts here: 7x
and last 4st of previous round (11)
28-30. x (3 rnds by 11x)
31. A 4x A 3x (9)
32. x A. 

finish off.
close the hole.

Skip 5 st, join the
thread in 6th st.  repeat rnd
28 – 32. 

Sew together the
bottom part of the body between legs.

Arms (2 times)

1. 6x in magic ring.
2-10. x (9 rounds 6x

Leave tail long enough
to sew arms to the body.

starts with nose

1. 6x in magic ring
2-3. x (2 rounds 6x
4. change to body
color:  keep pink thread under stitches (x
V) three times (9) pull pink thread tight so your nose get closed
5. x (9)
6. (2x,V) three times
7. x (12)
8. (3x,V) three times
9. x (15) here you can
finish muzzle.
10. (4x,V) three times
11. x (18)
12. 8x only.

finish off. leave tail
long enough to sew muzzle to the body.

Ears (2 times)

1. 6x in magic ring
2. V (12)
3. (x V) around (18)
sl st in first st. finish off. 
leave tail long enough to sew ears to the body.


4x in magic ring. 88x
around or as long as you get desired length.

If work on 4x based ring is too difficult for you 
– take thinner thread and smaller crochet hook
and work on 6x based ring.

Happy crocheting!

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